Tipping your cleaners

Our cleaning professionals do not expect tips, and doing so is not mandatory. However, we do recognize there are situations when you wish to show appreciation for the job well done, and our company policy allows cleaners to accept them. 

How Often and How Much Should You Tip?

If you decide that you wish to tip your cleaner, you still might be in doubt about how to go about it. You should consider several things, like the kind of services you requested, whether you have the same cleaner or a different cleaner each time, and how your rates are determined. 

Services Requested

If you are considering tipping your cleaners, start with the service you requested. If you booked a one-time service, like deep clean or move in/out service, you can offer a one-time tip, provided you are satisfied with the job done. If you decide to book regular cleaning sessions, you can consider tipping more frequently. 

The Same vs. Different Cleaners

If you booked frequent cleaning service, you want to consider the cleaner coming to do the job. If you have the same cleaner appointed for your property, you might want to tip them a larger sum once a month to show appreciation for the job well done. However, if the cleaning company sends different cleaners each time, you can tip them as you see fit and only if you are satisfied with the service. 

How Much to Tip

You are satisfied with the service, and you wish to top the cleaner. What is the appropriate amount? This depends on the area, how much you’re paying for the cleaning service, and the quality of the service. If the service is satisfactory and you feel the cleaner went over and beyond in making your home pristine, you can consider tipping 15-20% of the rate you pay. 

Acceptable Forms of Tipping

Lastly, to tip in cash or some other form? 

Most of the cleaners prefer tips in cash. This is the most convenient for the clients as well. However, if you do not feel comfortable tipping in cash, there are other ways to show appreciation and say thank you. For example, if you know your cleaner well, you can always gift them with something of their interest or a gift card for a product or service you know they use. This way, you’re not only saying thank you, but your personalized gift shows appreciation for them as a person.

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